LEDs for greenhouses

Click here For more information on the pilot project on "Reijm Cucumbers' Berkel en Rodenrijs.

Click here For more information on the pilot project at “North Huys Tomatoes” to Oude-Tonge.

See here our article on groentennieuws.nl the test results of the promising LED luminaire for the horticulture sector.

See here our article on hortweek.com about distinctiveness of our vertical interlighting.

Lohuis offers specially developed for horticulture fixtures. Here we have our own, developed unique solutions, such as our top lighting and interlighting.

Lohuis Lighting offers various solutions for the horticulture:

  • Vertical interlighting (T12 LED tube growth, Apollo III)
  • top lighting (200 W UFO, Mars)
  • Top lighting for crops in rows (Venus)

Click on the images to the specifications of our growth lamps.

thumbnail of Specificatiesheet UFO200WFS2
200 W UFO, Mars

thumbnail of Specificatiesheet Venus I

thumbnail of Specificatiesheet Venus 75 W
Venus 75W

thumbnail of Specificatiesheet APOLLO III
Apollo III

thumbnail of Specificatie toplight Galilea

LED cheaper than sodium

Lohuis Lighting is now first in the Netherlands succeeded in developing an LED fixture for horticulture which is cheaper than lighting with sodium lamps. thanks ca. € 150.000 EIA subsidy per hectare and an electricity saving of approx. € 100.000 each year the cost of LED lights are now recoup in six years.

Soon we will come up with a press release in which we propose that it is now cheaper to illuminate with LEDs instead of sodium. We compare the costs over a period of 7 year.

LEDs produce more photons per watt, and through the low heat generation closer to the crop. The EIA subsidy of about € 150.000 per a the saving van about € 100.000 energy per hectare is working with the precious LEDs are already cheaper than polluting the sky yellow sodium lamps!

The age of these lamps is over. That's like the lighting of highways. Also, since the low-pressure sodium lamps are now being replaced rapidly by Rijkswaterstaat. Gardeners will certainly not go sodium in new greenhouses purchases! We estimate that there are currently 6 million lamps in use.