WELL-yield bonds


WELL-yield bonds

Bond issue 6% – 48 months with monthly repayment

Dear investors,

For the (re)financing of our lease agreements, we again appeal to the capital market.
As with the issue of shares we now issue bonds under our own management.

As this now means going without a crowdfundplatform we can acted more quickly and you can earn a 2% discount. (The issue price is set at 98%)

Issuance of bonds at 6% interest

Annuity repayment – monthly for 48 months

Issue price 98% ie € 980 for a certificate of € 1,000 (minimum participation)

Monthly repayment € 23.50 per bond of € 1,000 x 48 months

If you want to participate, please write an email with the number of loan shares you wish to .

You will receive a certificate of participation.

On the day of your deposit an automatic payment order is arranged for you so exactly one month later you receive the first payment and every month thereafter.

The issuance of shares LOHUIS ESCO FINANCE N.V. equity has been strengthened with € 500,000 this year. Therefore, we are very solvent. Equity is more than 50% of our total balance sheet. The tests with our new horticultural lighting are ongoing and promise energy savings of over 70%.

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