New developments in greenhouse horticulture

Lighting also successful with seeds.

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Anton Lohuis and the development of LED and its advantages in the greenhouse

We have known LED lighting in its current form for decades. Because LEDs are so much cheaper in energy consumption, they have also found their way into horticulture.

Lohuis Lighting & Volgroen start LED Schools- Funds!

Lohuis Lighting & Energy BV and BV Volgroen have beaten hands together to eliminate the financial barrier for schools that want to preserve. Together they founded the Schools LED Fund. This fund schools can appeal and thus enjoy the opportunity to move without investment and without higher monthly charges for sustainable LED lighting.

Each school is eligible for the LED Schools Fund and may appeal to do. After acceptance of the application is invest in LED lighting not needed. Moreover, the monthly payments remain the same. Because of the new LED lighting uses less energy and the energy losses are significantly lower. The amount that the school will save each month, is equivalent to the amount the school pays to the fund, the total investment is met. The cost of the new LED lights are so covered by savings on energy bills. In front of 2019 Schooling LED fund has a budget of € 10 million.

The reason for the establishment of the fund comes from the shared vision of Volgroen BV and Lohuis Lighting & Energy. "We see a lot of enthusiasm is in schools and in companies to sustainable buildings, but the stumbling block is the investment. We want to take this financial barrier, so that schools no longer able to preserve in the way. "said Anton Lohuis of Lohuis Lighting & Energy and Emiel van Sambeek (co)Founder of Volgroen.

The need for initiatives such as the Schools LED fund is large, was recently once again brought to attention by Bernard Wientjes, Chairman of Empire Building Initiative Agenda in Trouw 11 april j.l.. He said about include: "The sustainability of school buildings is too slow. Too slow. Schools should preserve five times as hard as they do now. At the current rate, all buildings, including schools, pas in 2350 sustainable as. This is not just a year. We have calculated. "

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Lohuis LED lighting success!

Lohuis delivered in September 2018 to nursery Mortelmans in Lier, Belgium 4.000 interlights Apollo III en 1600 toplights Galilee grow lights. In this greenhouse where tomatoes are grown now a light level 235 umol reached to the satisfaction of Anne and Stefan… Read more

Promising future LED lamp horticulture

Our own developed LED lamp for the horticulture sector has a promising future!

Read more about the test results and development of this particular lamp:

Lohuis Lighting & Energy horticulture
Lohuis Lighting & Energy horticulture

Lohuis encourages Westland schools

Lohuis stimulates Westland schools for LED- lighting at their school

As a sponsor of Westland chess, has Lohuis Beautiful LED- prizes awarded to the winners of the Chess School Plan Westland during WSK345 chess tournament.
We congratulate the winners on their great prizes!

Lohuis encourages Westland schools Lohuis encourages Westland schools Lohuis encourages Westland schools
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LED panels

Our Lohuis LED panels are particularly suitable to replace conventional fluorescent lighting in ceilings. Neat and modern and save also a lot of energy!
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Infomercial Lohuis Lighting

The infomercial Lohuis Lighting will be seen next year in the regional TV in Great Haaglanden and Rijnmond (being TV West and RTV Rijnmond).

Lohuis Lighting & Energy infomercial