Research - and advice on reducing your energy consumption..

Lohuis Lighting & Energy is working with consultants who have received EPA-U training. They have knowledge about reducing energy consumption and energy management of buildings. These advisers may issue an official energy under recognized certification. The energy to make building owners aware of the need to invest in their building and make it more energy efficient. It is now even prescribed by law that owners are obliged to invest in energy savings within 5 year leave repay. Our consultants are aware of relevant grants and assist you in submitting applications for example, energy Investment. They further advise you on refund / exemption of energy and help realize.

What are the energy subsidy?

What are the main funding to undertake energy efficient and sustainable social responsibility (CSR) and save money? The three main grant schemes are energy investment (fairs), from Encouraging Sustainable Energy (SDE) and the Innovation Performance Contracts scheme (IPC scheme).

Energy Investment (fairs)

The Energy Investment is for you as an entrepreneur if you want to invest in energy-efficient technology and renewable energy for your company. This arrangement works both ways: you save on energy costs, but also pay less income- or corporation. You can read more on the pages of National Entrepreneurial Netherlands on EIA. In practice, this tax pays some 10% Investment.

Encouraging Sustainable Energy (SDE+)

Investors in projects in the field of renewable electricity and gas can use the Sustainable Energy, BDS +. The scheme focuses on projects that would not come without cost public contribution. The SDE + will focus on achieving a cost-effective implementation of the 14% target for renewable energy. More information about the SDE + read on the page of National Entrepreneurial Netherlands.

IPC scheme (Innovation Performance Contracts)

aims to stimulate innovation and cooperation between SMEs IPC scheme. SMEs within the same chain example, sector or region can get together funding for a joint innovation plan. This can also relate to energy-saving, because this scheme is coupled to the top sectors (o.a. energy) Ministry of Economic Affairs. More information about the IPC scheme is available on the website of National Entrepreneurial Netherlands.

the Energy Plan

As part of the service offering Lohuis Lighting & Energy an energy to. This plan provides a quick assessment of your organization and make clear savings. This plan is a good first step towards an energy efficient and sustainable and socially responsible business. If you wish, A phone call is enough to put us to work!