Pay as you save

That much energy LED lighting is more economical than standard or conventional lighting, is generally known. Also, even at the current low energy prices it is profitable to switch to LED lighting.

However, the investment to move away from conventional lighting to LED lighting is on for some companies to finance a large step.

In order to initiate the renewal and sustainability of companies who have doubts about purchasing offers Lohuis Lighting & Energy to do the investment.

You pay Lohuis Lighting & Energy investment return calculated with the difference between what you're used to paying your energy and what you consume by using our LED lighting.

In other words, you pay back in any tempo you save: Pay as you Save.

Simple and easy, you can have this on LED lighting, without having to invest.

A sample calculation:

Set treaties Lighting & Energy has for € 4000 Led delivered to you are not charged.

You do based on calculations using the Led € 200,- pay less per month to your energy supplier.

You pay for example Lohuis Lighting & Energy +/- € 126,- per month, so you benefit immediately from the advantages of LED lighting. In that case, after 36 months supplied LED lighting for You.

The benefits for you at a glance:
no investment
You pay less for your energy bill
You have direct access to LED lighting.

Calculate here how much you can save with LED lighting.

*This sample calculation No rights can be derived.