Energy saving and energy efficiency measures which have an efficiency of 20% according to the Environmental Protection Act mandatory for large and medium users. Large users are companies where more than 200.000 kWh of electricity, or more than 75.000 m3 natural gas equivalents consumed to fuel. In between energy 50.000 in 200.000 kWh or between 25.000 in 75.000 m3 you fall under the medium-sized businesses. For large consumers furthermore states that the government may require an energy research. The goal of the research is to gain insight into all relevant energy saving measures yet to realize the entrepreneur.

Energy saving is a legal obligation. The Environmental Management Act and the Activities Decree requiring large energy consumers to take austerity measures to be recouped within five years.

You may also require licenses for energy saving measures and renewable energy. For example, for a cooling / heat storage system, a windmill or selling your property.

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sustainable energy1

Permits renewable energy

To work sustainably and promote life solar panels and effective and relatively easy to implement means. In general, these building permit must be applied ...

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environmental permit

Environmental permit

Usually you have to grow, new- or developments require an environmental permit, Before you can do anything. Wondering if and where you need this license, check the ambient counter website.

energy prices

energy building

To see how energy efficient your property is, you should adopt energy. In addition, a customized advice to be prepared so it's clear what you can do to the building (yet) energy efficient to.

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energy saving plan

Energy Saving Plan

It is convenient to be an energy saving plan for your business (leave) put. Thus clearly where you are using the most energy and the savings are.

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energy gains

Energy saving and profit

"Energy saving and Profit" contains lists for different industries with the latest insights on energy saving techniques within 5 year payback.


Environment / activities Decree

This legislation requires large energy consumers to take austerity measures to be recouped within five years.

LOHUIS LIGHTING & ENERGY will assist them in fulfilling your legal obligations. Our consultants can assist with advice and knowledgeable and quick and, if desired, issue a southerner giel table.